The Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) released guidance regarding the implementation of AB 2183 (known to many as “card check”) on December 28.
Under the ALRB guidance, employers can register to enter into a labor peace compact under the new labor code between January 1 and February 1, 2023 through an opt-in process, as detailed on ALRB’s website.
Signing a labor peace compact is an option, but it is not required.  
Agricultural employers should be aware that opting-into a labor peace compact requires employers to relinquish rights, including: an employer’s ability to express certain views about unionization to employees and the ability to prevent union organizers from entering the employer’s property and speaking with employees.
In addition, employers opting-into a labor peace compact will be listed on ALRB’s website. 
Ag Council strongly urges members to seek legal counsel prior to opting into a labor peace compact to fully understand the implications as many experts are recommending that employers not opt-in and agree to these terms.
If you are an Ag Council member and would like a copy of the presentation provided during a recent webinar by legal counsel with Barsamian & Moody, please email Jacob at  
As a reminder, AB 2183 was signed into law by Governor Newsom on September 28, 2022.  It establishes a new process for a union to be certified as a collective bargaining representative of farmworkers and makes significant changes to the Agricultural Labor Relations Act. 
Click HERE to access ALRB’s guidance documents regarding the implementation of AB 2183.