This evening, Governor Gavin Newsom signed The Buy American Food Act, SB 490, by Senator Anna Caballero (D-Merced).

The Buy American Food Act is Ag Council’s sponsored bill to support California farmers, food processors and workers by ensuring taxpayer funds are used to procure food aligned with our strong environmental, labor and food safety standards.

In signing SB 490, the governor said, “This Buy American policy will benefit the California agricultural industry and agricultural workers, as well as the students and teachers consuming these meals in our schools.”

The governor continued, “Signing this bill sends a message that California supports using our taxpayer dollars to purchase healthy, high-quality, and safe food products that also support reliable markets for our regional agricultural producers, processors, workers, and economies.”

Ag Council President Emily Rooney said, “Ag Council is very pleased to hear this news and thanks Governor Newsom for signing SB 490. With the governor’s action, California is leading the charge to implement a robust Buy American food procurement policy, particularly in public schools.”

SB 490 requires that state public institutions – receiving federal reimbursement funds to provide prepared meals – include in their bids and contracts that they will only purchase agricultural food products grown and processed in the U.S., unless the imported product is 25 percent or more cheaper than a domestic product.

“Ag Council thanks Senator Caballero for authoring SB 490 and for her unwavering commitment to advance this important measure,” Rooney said.

Ag Council also appreciates the following labor organizations for their steadfast efforts to help pass SB 490 alongside our organization: California Cannery Industry Labor-Management Cooperation Committee, Teamsters Food Processing Division, California Teamsters Public Affairs Council, UFCW and others.

To read Governor Newsom’s full signing statement, please go to the Learn More link below.

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