Governor Gavin Newsom made final decisions on legislation last week to meet a September 30 deadline to sign or veto bills. Read more about Ag Council’s positions on key legislation and the outcomes of those bills below.

Legislators sent the governor 1,166 bills in 2022. Over 85 percent of bills were signed by the governor and 14.5 percent were vetoed.

This is a brief snapshot of legislation. For a more comprehensive list of bills, please click the Learn More link below.


SB 490 (Caballero) Buy American Food Act
POSITION – Sponsored and supported by Ag Council, as well as multiple agricultural organizations.
STATUS – Signed into law by Governor Newsom. Click HERE for the signing message.

AB 2146 (Bauer-Kahan) Neonicotinoid pesticides, ban on nonagricultural uses
POSITION – Ag Council requested a veto, along with others in agriculture.
STATUS – The governor vetoed the bill. Read his veto message HERE.

AB 2406 (Aguiar-Curry) Intermodal marine terminals – protects businesses from being charged excessive and unfair extended dwell fees
POSITION – Supported by Ag Council.
STATUS – Signed into law by Governor Newsom, and the signing message is available HERE.


AB 2183 (Stone) Agricultural labor relations, elections (card check and labor neutrality)
POSITION – Ag Council requested a veto along with others in agriculture.
STATUS – Governor Newsom signed AB 2183. In addition, the governor, United Farm Workers, and the California Labor Federation agreed upon clarifying language to be moved through the Legislature in 2023 to address the governor’s concerns about implementation and voting integrity. Further details are available in the statement HERE.

AB 1951 (Grayson) Sales and use tax exemption for the purchase of manufacturing and R&D equipment
POSITION – Ag Council supported AB 1951 with a coalition of other organizations.
STATUS – The governor vetoed AB 1951. His veto message is available HERE.

To read more about these and other bills, go to the Learn More link below.