As part of the ongoing curtailment regulations, State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) staff are in the process of updating the hydrologic analyses for the Delta and other watersheds based on current weather conditions. This process informs the curtailment status of various watersheds and updates are expected to be completed effective this week.

Based on existing hydrologic forecasts, curtailments are expected to increase significantly starting this week for the Delta and continue through the summer and early fall until considerable precipitation occurs. Other regions have already been impacted. Accordingly, Delta water right holders and claimants should plan for reduced supplies even if their water right or claim is not currently curtailed or has not been curtailed in the past.

The initial curtailment regulations were passed by the SWRCB last summer on a regional basis. Ag Council worked with a broader ag coalition to testify and raise concerns over the regulatory process, and we continue to closely monitor the situation.

As a reminder, curtailment notices will no longer be mailed out via the United States Postal Service. Water right holders and claimants are responsible for monitoring their curtailment status on the SWRCB website, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.